Canada Israel Experience Photo Contest Winners / 2006
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My Big View<br>Olivia Gotleib<br>honorable mention
My Big View
Olivia Gotleib
honorable mention

Southern Wall Ruins<br>Naomi Herman	<br>honorable mention
Southern Wall Ruins
Naomi Herman
honorable mention

The Tiny Patriot<br>Adam Kleinberg<br>honorable mention
The Tiny Patriot
Adam Kleinberg
honorable mention

Procession<br>Sarah Kramer<br>honorable mention
Sarah Kramer
honorable mention

Castle on the Coast<br>Jordan Lieberman<br>honorable mention
Castle on the Coast
Jordan Lieberman
honorable mention

Gamla Synagogue<br>Avi Lipsitz<br>honorable mention
Gamla Synagogue
Avi Lipsitz
honorable mention

Israel From Above<br>Erin Litwin<br>honorable mention
Israel From Above
Erin Litwin
honorable mention

Writing on the Wall<br>Merrill Lyons<br>honorable mention
Writing on the Wall
Merrill Lyons
honorable mention

Bedouin<br>Merrill Lyons<br>honorable mention
Merrill Lyons
honorable mention